About Explorer Travels

Explorer Travels is a young company that offers adventurous and educational trips to Eastern and Central Europe. You will get to know the mentality, culture and everything else these countries have to offer. We will make sure that everything is arranged accordingly, so you can enjoy your Eastern European adventure to the fullest. Due to our network and experience, we are very confident that we can offer you a genuinely unique experience. All your preferences will be molded into one packaged deal for an honest price. For a well-arranged unique holiday in the Eastern regions of Europe, Explorer Travels is where your adventure starts.

Why Travel With Explorer Travels

A genuinely unique experience

High quality and service for an honest price

Ultimate convenience



  • This trip was amazing and many thanks to Explorer Travels for organizing this wonderful event. Such unexpected and original take on Russia and Russian culture. I highly recommend everyone to take this tour for unique experiences.


    Student at KABK

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